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Systema FAQ


1.     How long is a Systema training class?

Systema classes are two hours long.

The class usually consists of approximately 30 minutes of conditioning work and the rest is combat training and drills.

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2.     What should I wear to class?

Most of the students wear a t-shirt, long trousers that they can move in, and track shoes.

There is no uniform in Systema but you will receive a Systema t-shirt when you join up.


3.     Do I need any special equipment in order to train?

You do not need any special equipment just come down and join in.


4.     Will I get hit at the Systema training class?

Systema is a realistic "contact" martial art.  Yes you will get hit.

You will learn to take and give strikes.

You will learn strengthening and conditioning exercises - to streangthen mind, body, and spirit.

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5.     What can I expect in a training class?

Systema is a partner driven martial art.  You will be training and working with a training partner for most of the training drills.

The training partners will take turns with various attack and defense drills and scenarios.  These drills are designed to build your skills and confidence.


6.     Is Systema OK for women?

Yes Systema is perfect for women.

Systema is a martial art that relies on balance, movement, and an understanding of body mechanics, amongst many other things.

Systema will help women to find there own natural movement and power generation.

A skilled women with this understanding and training is able to control an opponent larger and more powerful that themselves.


Russian Martial Art - Systema - Womens Defence

 Russian Martial Art - Systema - Zaynab, James, Jelena

I hope these few FAQs have helped.

If you need more information please feel free to contact me any time at:


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