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Peter Aftanas ...

Russian Martial Art - Systema - Peter

with a unique background involving Natural Therapies, Acupuncture, Nutrition and both Western and Chinese Herbalism, Peter Aftanas provides a holistic basis for self-defense and personal training.

The Russian Martial Art - Systema, is well-suited to Peter's background as it is based upon a pragmatic understanding of the body and mind. Just as there are patterns and limits to our human body, its movement, its strengths and weaknesses, so too are there structures to our mental and emotional processes. Understanding these allow us to form better goals, and approach them with greater confidence, and success.

Peter's approach to Systema training promotes awareness of ourselves, of our relation to the potential threats and opportunities in our environment, and finding ways to survive and thrive in the face of challenges and opposition. His professional life as a health practitioner also means that his Systema training has been adjusted to promote long-term strength, well-being, and independence.

Systema students in the classes range in ages from early 20s to 30s, 40s, and 50s. Anyone can develop and benefit from this training methodology.



Russian Martial Art - Systema - Igor

comes to Systema from a life time of martial arts.  He holding black belts in Karate, Akido and Kung Fu, he has also competed in a number of tournaments in Russia. All of this combined with the years of Systema training Igor brings a well rounded knowledge of traditional Asian and Russian/Cossack Martial Arts to our School.

In the last ten years or so Igor has concentrated on expanding and developing his abilities and skills. He is now well placed to bring his well rounded knowledge and skill to the School.

With such depth of skill Igor manages to guide any student he is working with through the best way forward for their body type and skill level.

Igor has a soft, gentle and determined approach to instructing. He will not stop until you are succeeding.  He has the ability to guide you to higher limits and push your skills forward.

Time training with Igor is time well spent.


Russian Martial Art - Systema - Ivan

started training with us many years ago.  He has developed and grown and has become an highly skilled, intense yet calm Instructor. He now brings his amazing strength, agility, athleticism and depth of understanding to our School.

Recently Ivan has turned his hand to parkour. Over the few years that he has participated he had also developed into a highly skilled parkour exponent and he in now integrated his Systema skills into parkour.

Ivan continues to explore and develop his Martial Arts skills. he is constantly investigating other martial styles and techniques in order to improve and expand his abilities.

Ivan's Systema has grown and continue to expand. They have now become a reflection of all of his skills, personality and temperament.


Nicola MODONESI ...

Russian Martial Art - Systema - Nic

comes to Systema from a Muay Thai & MMA martial arts background.  





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