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About Us

The School of Instructors

Our Russian Martial Art - CИCTEMA school is focused on
the training and development of students all the way to Instructor Levels

Russian Martial Art - Systema - Peter & Dominic

Russian Martial Art - Systema - The Instructors

--- --- --- The Instructors --- --- ---

  • My main goals with the CИCTEMA School is to have a class full of Instructors
  • I am focused in getting every student that is interested to the Instructor Levels
  • That is now starting to happen we have three (3) new Instructors with more on the way

Russian Martial Art - Systema - Spirit Seminar


Russian Martial Art - Systema - Training

  • The focus of this CИCTEMA school is training in the best Combat Systems
  • We use scenario based training and pressure testing
  • Finding the best way for YOU to develop the combat solution to any confronting situation
  • Come down and visit our school and see if this is what you are looking for


Peter Aftanas


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